Egyptian Design and Technology

We went outside and collected twigs so we could build models of an Eygptian Shaduf.

SAM_4501  SAM_4500SAM_4502

We used the sticks, modelling clay, card and string to produce our working shaduf.  It was quite tricky, we had to use our problem solving and team work skills to make the shaduf move up and down and spin around.

34 40

16 20

13 14

We also had a go at building pyramids using different construction materials.

SAM_4521 SAM_4511





Moving on

Yesterday we got to spend the morning in out new classroom with our new teacher and teaching assistants, Mrs Plumbley, Mrs Mistry and Mrs Pickering.  We had a great time finding out about what our learning will be when we are in year 5.

“I enjoyed working in my new class.”  Midas

“I was surprised to find out that my new teacher is Mrs Plumbley!”  Samuel

Any one for tennis?

In PE we have been practising our tennis skills.  We worked with a partner to develop our forehand and backhand.  We then had a competition to see which pair could complete the longest rally.  Charlie and Mrs Firkins hit the ball 69 times backwards and forwards to each other before losing control of the ball.

SAM_2784 SAM_2791



Four in a Row

In numeracy we are practising our addition and subtraction skills.  We played a game of Four in Row by adding and subtracting different numbers, if the answer was on our game board we covered it with a counter, the first player to have four counters in a row was the winner.

SAM_2739 SAM_2740 SAM_2742 SAM_2747

“The game was great to play and good fun and it helped me practise adding and subtracting.” Sam.

“Four in a Row helped me practise adding and taking away.” Midas.

“I liked playing Four in a Row with a partner I wouldn’t normally play with.” Madeleine


The Bells,The Bells!

SAM_2715 SAM_2720 SAM_2727 SAM_2736

On Monday we watched a performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the actors and scenery were excellent and it was really good fun.  The story told us that all people are special and no-one is any better than any-one else and we should be kind and caring towards each other.

“I enjoyed watching the play because it was really exciting.” Midas

“I enjoyed watching the play, it looked really good.” Chloe D

Sports Day

On Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed the glorious weather and took part in our school sports day.  We had lots of fun taking part in all the activities and having a cooling ice-pop! All the teams worked well together and encouraged each other.  The over all winners were the Blue team, but the scores of all the teams in year 4 were very close.